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It’s Okay to Start Over

For the past week I’ve been bringing more intention to my day. From noticing what I’m putting into my body, making sure I get outside more often, actually having a meditation practice, hydrating the proper amount for someone who’s breastfeeding.

All of these things I’ve at some point in my life were second nature, some I had even mastered (except for the hydration while breastfeeding) only to be approaching them as a beginner once again. It’s incredibly easy to become overwhelmed with where I want to be, rather than focused on where to start, especially if I’m stuck on how it used to be.

Stuck focused on how well balanced things were, how consistent I once was, how easy some of this used to be. That’s a recipe for never taking a step forward because you’re too busy trying to recreate the past without accepting the present.

The more awareness is brought to my day to day activity the more I need to practice having grace with myself. Because the truth about living an intentional life is that you first have to notice.

Notice what’s working for you.
Notice what’s benefitting you.
Notice where your priorities lie.
Notice the quality of life you are living.

And then own it all.

Taking ownership is avoided by most people because initially it’s terribly uncomfortable. To face all that you are not, all the places you haven’t yet gotten to, all the behaviors you still unconsciously or willingly choose, these are the things that aid to your demise. These are the choices that bring you further from who you ultimately desire to be.

Taking ownership is hard but so is repeating the same loop of patterns that keep you small, frustrated, or stuck. Every road will offer a hard obstacle that needs to be faced. It’s all about deciding which challenge is worth your time, which challenge will you benefit from, which one is hard now but fruitful in the long run.

If these words are tugging at your heart strings, you already know what you need to own up to. Before you talk yourself out of facing the uncomfortable parts of yourself I encourage you to take a moment and reflect. Look back at this moment from the eyes of your future self, the most successful, happy, healthy, loving, and carefree version of yourself.

If that is even too challenging for you PAUSE.
Meet yourself where you are.
Notice any judgment that comes up.
Practice extending some grace and compassion within.
Then take the time to figure out what success, happiness, health, love, and being carefree would mean to you.

Do this over and over and over again. This is intentional living at it’s finest.

Now it could be ten years down the line, 1 year, a month, or maybe even next week. The amount of time doesn’t matter as much as the visualizing itself does. Stand in that future moment and reflect back on this one with gratitude, knowing you’ve made it out of the trenches, started from scratch and built a life you’re proud of.

Stand in the emotional state of what your ideal life feels like. Is it joyous? Content? Fun? Whatever description suits you, practice standing in that feeling. Then ask yourself these three questions:

What behaviors did I let go of to get here?
What thoughts helped me strengthen my self-worth/confidence?
What choices shaped the person I am today?

Let the answers surface organically. Force nothing. Allow your future self to guide you with ease.
The more you practice standing in the moments experienced by your ideal future self, the more clear each of these answers will become.

This week’s insight is that I’m starting over in fitness, nutrition, creativity, being an entrepreneur, all of it. IfI let it, the thoughts on being a beginner will overwhelm me into not taking any action. But I’m reminded that ownership is only uncomfortable initially, if it continues to be it’s because I’m choosing not to move forward.

This week my intention is to move forward with the knowledge I have, standing on the stepping stones of all the times I’ve started over, and allowing ownership be empowering instead of overwhelming.

May you have the courage to move forward even when it’s uncomfortable.

I promise your future self is worth it.


Mindfulness teacher, intuitive healer, energy worker, and wild woman living by the moon. These are my teachings, this is my journey.

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