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I am a certified mindfulness teacher specializing in self-love and the mind-body connection while ultimately expanding levels of consciousness. My tools are crafted with the intention to help you love, heal, and grow through each season of your life.

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The Mindful Caregiver Breathing Circle is a virtual mindfulness session crafted with the intention of presence and peace.

Think of these sessions as a dose of self-compassion mixed with a mindful practice, reminding you of the importance of pouring into your own cup and all the different ways you can.

As your mindfulness instructor, I will provide a safe space of guidance to pause, turn inward, and realign with the mind-body in the present moment. The session themes will focus on the experiences and challenges of caregivers.

Each mindfulness session will begin with settling into our bodies with deep breaths and the intention of the practice, followed by a short dharma talk on a particular challenge and ending with mindfulness practice or meditation. Come as you are the conditions are perfect.

May you have the courage to put yourself first so that you may pour that goodness into others.

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