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From the point of view of an intuitive healer, mindfulness teacher, wife, writer, lover of energy and creation. My intention is to help you awaken to your potential while seeking peace along the way.

May you be well in your mind, body, and spirit.

A Guide to Creating Conscious Change: Alignment vs Action

You are the creator of your life experience and you are responsible for the ways you choose to respond to the world around you. Every day you are capable of bringing yourself closer to your higher self. If you want to create a conscious change in your life never stop paying attention. Keep aligning with what feels good and releasing what does not. Keep coming back to the present moment and all of the wonders it has to offer.

How to Be Okay With Change

You can learn to recognize when expectations have their claws deep in your beliefs, so you can practice mindfulness, turn off the autopilot, and make deliberate choices that bring you closer to acceptance.

Become Aware of Your Posture

Understanding Body Language Body language is a language of nonverbal cues, often expressing more than one had planned on sharing through their words. It’s as if their thoughts and inner experience were telling a story through the body, with or without their awareness. Chances are you’ve heard a little bit about body language and may […]

Overcoming Distraction with Mindfulness

Are you struggling to overcome the distractions showing up in your day-to-day? Have trouble staying focused because your thoughts are pulling you in multiple directions? Finding it difficult to keep your attention on what’s in front of you? In the world of smartphones, social media, and instant gratification, you are surrounded by an infinite number […]


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