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Weekly Insights

From the point of view of an intuitive healer, mindfulness teacher, wife, writer, and lover of energy and creation. My intention is to help you awaken to your potential while seeking peace along the way.

May you be well in your mind, body, and spirit.

Surviving a Thought Storm

In this article, I share a simple technique to help you ground into your body and out of the chaos brewing in your mind. Understanding How You Feel The purpose of today’s article is to learn how to survive a thought storm by grounding into your body. But first, let’s understand what a thought storm…

Monthly Highlights: January 2023

January is the final month of maidenhood as I’m a few days shy from my due date. Not only does it feel like this pregnancy has gone by so quickly, but also the start of this year feels like it’s moving at lightning speed. To think any day now my newborn will be in my…

Finding Gratitude and Practicing Presence

To be present doesn’t necessarily mean to feel pleasant. It doesn’t mean I have to enjoy what’s currently unfolding or have control over it by any means. Presence, rather, is the choice to be here now, no matter what. To practice presence is to be where my feet are, to observe my thoughts, to notice…

A Journey From Maiden to Mother

The more I practiced shifting my mindset from “why is this happened?” to “this is happening because…” the less personal and painful it feels, and the more I’m willing to be with what’s happening rather than focus on my opinions about it all.


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