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I wish I were here

It is too heavy to hold on to the mistakes we have made in the past. It is too vast of thought to worry about what-ifs. The only logical way to live is in the moment. Right now life is happening to us.

We are creating memories, overcoming obstacles, laughing out loud or crying about a devastating loss. Living life to its fullest potential comes with experiencing emotion with great intensity. It is easy to become frightened by what we experience deeply but we should never let this fear make us cowardly.

We should embrace all of our feelings, whether we label them negative or positive. We must remain present with them. We heal and learn through the worst of times by understanding that it is temporary. We rejoice and celebrate through the best times by being grateful because it is temporary.

Letting go of anything but the present I feel light and full, together. Worries are lifted from me while acceptance keeps me grounded at this moment.

In the past when I have experienced pure joy I notice myself go from being fulfilled to questioning its intensity and duration of stay. I used to doubt everything in front of me because I knew it would change, maybe not soon but sometime down the road. Instead of using the time to appreciate my life at the moment I would anticipate how it could be, ultimately wasting my thoughts on ones that cannot be answered without experiencing it.

Our brains are programmed to be one step ahead but our memories push that even further and begin expecting the worst. We associate whatever situation we are currently going through with a time when it didn’t work out.

Reminding future me how much it hurt consequently steals the well deserved moment of happiness from the present me. It is almost as if our brain is training us to get hurt, to get disappointed, to get our hearts broken but we could never really be prepared.

To be mindful is to accept without judgment that this is your life today. What we think we become so the answer lies within us. When our mind brings us to the negativity we have to stop those thoughts by taking deep breaths and remembering to be still.

Be here with the happiness you will one day miss, be here with the sadness that will one day pass, and be here with the people that could be gone tomorrow.

Today I choose to be awake. I feel with the same intensity I always have just with an added understanding that I do not own this feeling. I possess it for the time being and will make the best out of it. It may hurt me or it may heal me but it will always teach me.

Nothing is too good to be true, we are all deserving of happiness and goodness in our lives. Our minds are just not entirely sure how to receive such joy without matching it with disappointment. Letdowns and bumps in the road are guaranteed but the happiness you feel at this very moment in time is not. Someone wishes they could feel that way.

At some point in your life, YOU probably wished for this feeling to overcome you. When it does do not hold on to it for it is not yours. Do not let go simply because it may one day fade. Be with everything you feel until it is time for it to pass and keep your heart open for what lies ahead.

Stay Mindful


Mindfulness teacher, intuitive healer, energy worker, and wild woman living by the moon. These are my teachings, this is my journey.

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