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What Is Inner Work?

Throughout this self-discovering journey, there have been lots of doing and undoing, learning and unlearning, even some relearning about the world and who I was in it. There were punches to the gut, stumbles, falls, and long hard looks at the choices made. It wasn’t easy, and I’d be lying if I told you that years later it becomes easy. Honestly, I hope it never does because the stuff that challenges you is what changes you from the inside out. It’s what makes people squeamish when recalling their embarrassing moments, or the regretful choices made when they were acting as a lower vibrational version of themselves. It’s the layer of self-care nobody is talking about.

Inner work is the nitty-gritty discomfort life is handing you to face, THAT is your life’s lesson plan. It’s about reflecting on the past to gain wisdom rather than pass judgment. Your life is your teacher and you learning to own all that you are is one of the greatest tools in your mental tool belt. But if you don’t learn how to utilize it for the greater good it will absolutely be used against you.

Ownership is a tool of power within the mind that is either handed off to others or held tightly within our grasp. Think about the times you’ve felt insecure or fearful, isn’t it linked to a past experience or assumption of what may happen? So rather than utilizing the ownership tool, you’ve given someone or something access to it, allowing an outside source to direct the choices you make. The most painful part of all is the only one affected by the consequences of that choice….is you. 

Inner work is a constant, consistent and conscious choice to be made every single day about who you wish to be in this world. Each day you start over again with compassionate tenacity, reminding yourself to love who you are in this moment while making a conscious effort to grow. Growth and healing are not linear and do not always have to appear as moving forward. Sometimes it looks like taking 3 steps back just to see how much faster and kinder you bounce back. Inner work takes patience and strength coming back to the purpose for your growth, remembering the pain you were caused yet learning not to stay in that mental place too long. It’s about learning wanting to make that choice that feels innate but instead choosing to pause to ask yourself, “Does this feel right or is this just the easier way?”

When you work on what is weighing you down within, your outer environment begins to change. It’s important to start taking notice of what no longer serves you by asking how someone or something makes you feel. Maybe certain behaviors are normal in your daily life simply because you’ve been doing them for years, but they don’t necessarily make you feel like your best self. This can often be a challenging transition so it’s good to focus on embracing the things you do appreciate and enjoy. Take some time to get to know yourself, re-learn your interests with an open beginner’s mindset and see what you discover. 

There are 4 Pillars of Inner Work.

(click the link to download the free guide explaining each step and how to transition)

1.Own it

2. Love, forgive, recommit

3.Let go of what no longer serves you

4.Focus on embracing the new

Simply put take ownership for where you are, forgive where you were, recommit everyday to where you want to go, release what burdens you and focus on all the good things to come. When working on yourself start from the inside because that’s what really matters. At the end of our lives we will look back to reflect on how life was lived. The outer appearance changes just like the seasons, and we are left with memories of the person we wished we were.

Don’t wait to wish you made a conscious effort to heal yourself and let love in. Don’t let opportunities slip by because you’re too uncomfortable to face your fears. Don’t shy away from your truth because things will have to change. Take a look at yourself today and ask:

What is my purpose and how can I begin fulfilling it?

How do I want to feel looking back on my life?

Why am I waiting to start?

The 4 Pillars of Inner Work


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