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Counting Your Blessings To Create More

How Do I Feel Grateful?

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful attitude to live by because it attracts more into your life to be grateful for. By practicing gratitude you are bringing into your focus all the wonderful ways life has blessed you already. To feel gratitude is to experience a thankful-ness about the things, people, events, circumstances, or feelings in your life. Sometimes it can wash over you in an instant, like on holidays with family or during a graduation ceremony when you’re reminded of what it means to tangibly be grateful. But this magical feeling doesn’t always happen by chance and that’s when it’s needed the most.

Gratitude happens by focusing your attention on the abundance of your life. This state of mind, however, isn’t always easy to tap into, especially when the focus is on what you are lacking. Once you become aware that the you’re focused on all that you don’t have enough of, you’ll need something to guide you back to the right mindset. The compass that will lead you to this feeling of happiness and abundant joy is your emotions. Although most people see their emotions ONLY as something that fluctuates within them naturally and without their control, there is another way to experience them. Emotions shouldn’t be pushed down or ignored because they are signifying an experience unfolding within you, leaving you breadcrumbs to further understand how you’re handling things in your life. They can, however, be directed by or generated within you to stop feelings from controlling or dictating your next move.

For instance, if you suddenly begin to feel fearful it’s important to honor those emotions as they arise because they are real. But it’s just as important that you tune into how they are hijacking your decision making because oftentimes those scenarios in your mind are not real. A feeling is something you can choose to focus on as a response to an emotion. In order to experience gratitude, it must be felt and you must be aligned with that feeling. It isn’t enough to say “I am grateful for this moment” when you’re feeling miserable because energy never lies. In order to invite more blessings into your life, you have to FEEL grateful now for all that you have.

Shifting Your Perception From Lack to Plenty

What you focus on you invite more of, therefore by focusing on all that you are lacking you are affirming this in your life. People often have mistaken complaining about all that they do not have as a way of expressing what it is they want to attract. The words you say don’t necessarily hold the power, it’s the energy you are aligning with as you say those words. The universe speaks in energy and frequency, not your native tongue. Whatever you are focusing your attention on is also what you are focusing your energy toward. So if you’re complaining about being in debt, how you want to get out of debt, and how great things will be once you’ve paid off your debt, the universe hears you speaking loud and clear about debt. All of your emotion behind the word debt is being exquisitely expressed in the opposite way you’ve intended. Your energy doesn’t align with financial freedom, cash flow, abundance, and it certainly doesn’t align with any positive feelings because you’re not feeling them. Instead, you’re feeling, experiencing, and focusing on lack.

The way to bring more of what you want into your life is to get clear on how you want to feel. Start by focusing on feeling blessed for all that you have right now. Bring to mind all of the things that make you feel blessed and remind you of how your life truly is a blessing.

Blessings Practice

If you’re new to visualization than it’s a difficult practice to see yourself with all that you desire. When you’re living life from a lacking perspective nothing will ever be enough for you. So a good place to start is where ever you are, find the gratitude in that. Bring your attention to all of the ways life is working FOR you.

  • Shift your focus to all of the tools, support, people, and belongings you woke up with this morning.

  • Start to bring to mind how your incredible body keeps you alive and healthy for another set of 24 hours, air flowing through your lungs, heart beating, internal systems working diligently without any help from you.

  • Consider the senses you woke up with and the ways they contribute to the life you are able to live today.

  • Appreciate the place you call home, the amenities you use without a second thought. Running water, a stove, a refrigerator, appliances that allow you to cook, clean, and take care of your essential needs.

  • Now expand your awareness to the external, things you were able to accomplish, overcome, create, and make strides in.

  • Take a moment to practice gratitude for all that you are, all the places you’ve been, and all of the lessons you’ve been taught as a result.

  • See yourself, your life, and all that you’ve been through as a blessing that invites more blessings.

Being a Magnet for Blessings

Your life is full of reasons to be grateful and blessings to be counted, it’s time that you start actively seeking them out each day. At the start of your morning count all of the ways that you are able to enjoy this day. Make an effort to connect with the positive feelings of being alive and the opportunities that may brings. At the end of each day reflect on all of the wonderful people and situations that are unfolding making life even more interesting. As you begin to expand your awareness of yourself and your surroundings, try telling yourself that life is happening FOR you rather than to you. Connect with the universal power that is all around you to ground you into the wonders of this moment. This will help you practice shifting into alignment with all that is meant for you to receive.

Jon Kabat-Zinn says “As long as there is breath in your body, there is more right with you than wrong with you.” If you ever find it challenging to focus on all the goodness in your life, start with the fact that you are still breathing. Breath is still flowing effortlessly through your body and that is the ultimate reminder that you are meant to be here for something greater. In order for you to receive more than you already have you must appreciate what you already have. Learn to see the beauty in the chaos, the growth in each obstacle, the joy in each pain, and the beginning in each ending. Make a habit of looking for the blessings in each day and watch as they continue to increase. If you want to be a magnet for blessings recognized that you are already blessed. Start by knowing you have all that you need in this moment because that in itself is a blessing.

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