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Experiencing The Feeling of Now

Seasonal Mantra

Today I choose to be awake. My emotions will always be intense, only my perspective can change. I understand that I do not own these feelings. I possess it for some time and will make the best out of it. It may hurt or it may heal but it will always teach.

Acknowledge Appreciate Release

Some people cling to the summer sun before autumn visits for the next few months. In time they come around to embracing the coming back of sports, the change in weather and the holiday season. But often the essence of this beautiful season goes unnoticed to many. Autumn teaches the precious lesson of acknowledging the beauty of nature, of life and death.


As the morning arrives later the dark sky appears earlier in the evening. The leaves trade their green layer for bright oranges, vibrant reds and that rare deep purple. It’s incredible to watch as they slowly become naked trees blowing in the chilled air. When approaching the autumn season with a mindful curiosity, you could observe the importance of letting go of that which no longer serves. The color changing process- something viewed by people as portrait worthy images, is really the end of that tree as you know it. 

Finding The Beauty In Impermanence

The past is too heavy to hold onto. The future is too vast to get stuck worrying about. The only way to achieve a life of peace and happiness is to live in the present moment. Life is happening right now. You are creating memories, overcoming obstacles, enjoying the company of others or making decisions that effect your very being.

Living life to its fullest potential comes with experiencing emotion with great intensity. It’s easy to become frightened with what you experience deeply, however you should never let this fear make you cowardly. Emotions are fleeting, so why not start appreciating them while they visit? Embrace all of feelings, especially when it’s not easy; whether labeled negative, positive or indifferent. Once you understand that all emotions are temporary the potential for learning, growing and healing expands.

To be mindful is to accept without judgment that your life is right now. Thoughts become things so the answer lies within the belief system. All we need to do is pause, take deep breaths and remember the importance of stillness. Be patience. Be kind and gentle. Be here with the happiness you will one day miss. Be here with the sadness that will one day pass. Be here with the people that could be gone tomorrow.

Nothing is too good to be true, we are all deserving of happiness and goodness in our lives. Our minds are just not entirely sure how to receive such joy without matching it with disappointment. Let downs and bumps in the road are guaranteed but this very moment in time is not. Someone wishes they could feel the way you do right now. At some point in your life YOU probably wished for this feeling to overcome you. When it does do not hold on to it for it is not yours. Do not let go simply because it may one day fade. Be with everything you feel until it is time for it to pass and keep your heart open for what lies ahead.


Mindfulness teacher, intuitive healer, energy worker, and wild woman living by the moon. These are my teachings, this is my journey.