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Achieve Your Goals: Prioritization and Time Management

Setting Goals Pt. 2

Let’s get familiar with the expected distractions and prepare for the unexpected halts in progress. The road to achieving anything is winding, covered in hidden pitfalls, and obstacles waiting for the chance to derail you. The wise choice would be to prepare both mentally and physically for what lies ahead. Listed below are the most common problems, issues, and self-defeating habits people come across after goal setting. 


Lacking prioritization

  • Time

  • Energy

  • Travel


Lack of results

  • Not quick enough

  • Seems like the opposite result

  • Focusing on the external only


Lack of motivation

  • Laziness and procrastination

  • Not being surrounded by those who want the same as you

  • Missing accountability and visualization


Derailed by short term pleasures

  • Choosing fun over discipline

  • Choosing sleep over work

  • Choosing doubt over courage


Anxiety and overwhelm

  • Thinking about getting too much done at once

  • Not thinking about it because it makes you anxious

  • Believing you won’t get it done by a projected date 


These distractions, setbacks or weak points do not define you. Instead, they highlight the areas that lack awareness and give you the opportunity to rise to the occasion. Just by reading them and starting the internal conversation you are closer to achieving whatever your heart desires. Don’t stay stuck in being aware of them, it’s time to own your part and stop giving away your control. Choose 1 struggle within each 5 category and brainstorm ways you can gear your behaviors toward productivity.

When you’re done reading this blog I STRONGLY urge you to come back to this list. Read and pause at each category. Ask yourself which of these are impeding the most on your progress. OWN IT. Be honest with yourself and your shortcomings, once you are aware you can make the shift toward progress

How to Stay Focused

Write it down daily, focus on the feeling

In big bold letters write down your goal, followed by THANK YOU. Make a conscious effort daily to look at it and believe in yourself. Practice gratitude as if it’s already on it’s way to you. Focus on the appreciation and satisfaction you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished all you’ve set out to. We spend so much time thinking about the future yet it’s rarely positive. Change that and allow your perspective to drive you. 


Affirm it every morning and evening out loud

There is an incredible amount of stimulus throughout each day, some necessary and some insignificant. It’s important to remind yourself of the direction you are meant to be headed. As reviewed before there are plenty of distractions ready to pull your attention away to something easier, something simpler, or something with instant gratification. Affirming your goals each morning and night will embed success in your mind, eventually bringing you back to what is important. 


Visual reminders

Never underestimate the power of a sticky note on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or dashboard of your car. Take a moment to think about what rooms you spend the most time in. Write out your goal, a phrase to keep you on track, or a positive affirmation to keep you focused. There may come a day you experience self-doubt- until you come across this note. Use it as a reminder of just how capable, confident and strong you are.


Weekly check-ins on your progress

Pick a day and time to have a weekly meeting with yourself-never miss this meeting! Ask yourself about this week’s thoughts and behaviors: Did you do your best? Did your trigger points get the best of you? Practice accepting your choices, forgive your shortcomings and recommit to your goals. Finally, ask yourself how can you improve this week? Create an intention from the answer, move forward confidently in the week and repeat again next week.



Accountability partner/group

Choose wisely who you share your goals, dreams, and visions with. Let it be someone who loves and supports you, who believes in your abilities and provides you encouragement. Ask this person to hold you accountable in a way you are both comfortable with. It could be a simple weekly call reminding you to stay focused and positive. Never underestimate the power of external love, support, and belief. 


Learn how to read your mental and physical cues (rest don’t quit)

Check-in with yourself, particularly on the days you lack motivation. Get to know what switches off your positive momentum and shifts you toward doubt. Accept that these days will happen, and even if you’re prepared that negative momentum can knock you down. Learn to accept how you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing at this moment and ask yourself “what do I need right now?” Rest is an essential part of making progress, but quitting will never get you there. Learn the difference. 

Create an Accountable Routine

The steps above are very simple to implement, it’s the consistency that is hard. Your fears and insecurities grow louder the bigger the desire becomes. But don’t let them take the power over your vision. Be mindful of your momentum- when it begins to fade or shift toward a decline. Accept that it’s happening, forgive yourself for the slipup. Remember this moment is only part of your journey, not your destination. 


Pick at least 3 out of the 6 practices above and create an accountability routine for yourself. Make sure the 3 you choose are realistic for you and that it’s possible to remain consistent. Practice this routine at the same time daily and twice a day when your feeling discouraged. Remember: it’s all about momentum.


Make the effort to assure yourself that you can ALWAYS get right back on track, you are never too far off. See your goal clearly and say it aloud daily. Remind yourself as much as you need to that everything will work out in the best possible way. Shifting self-defeating thoughts to motivating ones can be challenging but with practice comes patience and mental strength. These are the superpowers that will continue to push you forward.



Keep going, keep growing and stay mindful.


Mindfulness teacher, intuitive healer, energy worker, and wild woman living by the moon. These are my teachings, this is my journey.