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How to Make Conscious Choices

Creating change in life has its challenges. Some of the biggest ones are lack of awareness, indecision, self-doubt, and a lack of inner trust. Staying in any one of these phases too long can cause you to have second thoughts about the change you desire. Going back and forth between the “what ifs” in the unknown territory ahead, you’ll begin to suffer from analysis paralysis. Focusing too much on what may or may not happen has the power to keep you stagnant, freezing you between possibility and opportunity.

Let me teach you how to make the leap into creating conscious change with clarity, confidence, and consistent action.

Becoming Aware of Change

The first step to creating a change in your personal, professional, spiritual lifestyle is bringing awareness to what needs improvement. Conscious choices can only occur after awareness is practiced. Start by taking the mindfulness approach to awareness, stripping away judgment and simply noticing how things are. Start paying attention to where change is needed/desired in your life. 

The most important, and often most uncomfortable thing to become aware of are your thoughts. The way you think ultimately leads to the behaviors you choose, the environment you surround yourself in, and the circumstances it all leads to. Mindful awareness will allow you to begin learning the underlying reasons that drive the decisions you make.

Choosing Consciously

Now that you’ve shifted your focus onto the problem it’s time to find the solution. Although not every choice will be easy or obvious, don’t dwell on your options for too long. Instead of focusing on “what ifs” consider your options more mindfully. 

Take time to sift through what would be the best outcome for yourself and those it involves. Consider the consequences, if any, of each choice, and how the changes that would need to take place. Pay attention to how each choice makes you feel, your emotions are often a compass toward what you need. Clearly identify whether it’s a choice that will hold you back or propel you forward. Afraid or not- decide and let it go.

Trusting Your Decision

By the time you reach the trusting stage, you’ve already grown through whatever it is you are going through. By choosing an open awareness and considering your choices, and how they may impact your life, you have strengthened your intuition. Give yourself some credit. Instead of trying to force anything to happen, or expect things to turn out “as planned” practice trusting yourself in this moment. Trust you have the ability to pay attention, decide with wisdom, and move forward without second-guessing yourself. 

Positive life experiences are not all built on certainty or knowing the next step. They’re created when you pay attention, gain clarity, and believe that all will work out however it needs to. Be here now and allow the rest to find you when it’s time.

Let’s Review

Awareness: Pay attention to the current thoughts and emotions that cause you pain, discomfort, frustration, impatience or confusion. Allow yourself to experience, label the emotion to the best of your ability, and pay attention to how it’s appearing in your body. This will prevent it from consuming your thoughts entirely. Awareness allows you to separate yourself from the thought and the emotion.

Choice: Consciously choose what is your plan of action, sometimes your plan is just to let something go because it no longer benefits you. Letting go is not immediate but it won’t begin unless you decide to do so. Ask yourself, are there actions that can be taken, feelings to be felt, or definite changes to be made?

Trust: Once you have decided on the change you seek and the action to go about doing so, let go and trust in yourself. Allowing your choice to come to fruition and avoid mapping out what “should” happen next. Approach each circumstance with these three steps and move forward with faith and confidence.

Biggest takeaway

Become aware of what needs change, make a choice and trust the decision you’ve made. Once you practice awareness you have only a few options: accept what is happening, adapt to your circumstance by making mindset shifts, or change the situation. Continue practicing making conscious choices from your instinct or intuition, after considering the best course of action. Move on and trust that you are capable of making the right decision, or learning a lesson from it.

Don’t stay stagnant in any of these phases, take action with confidence, move forward with clarity and have faith in the road ahead.


Mindfulness teacher, intuitive healer, energy worker, and wild woman living by the moon. These are my teachings, this is my journey.

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